CLASSIFICATION: Federation First Strike Warship

A direct descendent of the Norway family of fast well-armed cruisers, the Nimbus class cruisers are the muscle cars of Starfleet. With systems expectedly designed for speed, power and agility, things like recreation holodecks and large private quarters have been replaced with power transfer conduits and generators and quad quarters for the crew. The navigational systems are sleek and responsive, with the vessel maintaining an admired level of power efficiency across systems.

Bioneural gelpacks regulate the flow of plasma through the nacelles...a breakthrough in warp propulsion...instantaneously evaluating and predicting the quantum reactions in the plasma flow to the warp field generators, and changing flow rates to maximize the stability of the field. When minute increases in stability can yield massive improvements in speed, every little bit helps. These increases mean the Nimbus class can stay for long distances in the threshold imperceptibly below warp 10, (to date a subspace "alley" occasionally achieved by some of the fastest of Federation vessels, but rarely maintained). The Nimbus also sports the latest in multi-vector attack technology. Along the inside edge of the nacelle pylons are six bay doors that house autonomous defense drones. Tied into the main computer gelcore, and armed with high-yeild phasers and photon torpedoes, these drones, programmed with rudimentary intelligence, and can fight like additional "limbs" for the vessel. With groundbreaking tactical programming and instant choreography with the mother vessel, these drones have proven invaluable in multi-vessel combat situations.

Its defensive capabilities are impressive as well. The regenerative shielding can anticipate alien fire and redistribute energy to the area suffering the impact, like an added cushion at the impact zone. Its hull is protected with thick levels of ablative armor designed to channel the energy of the blast into plasma buffers and channel it back to the shields. the Nibus's armaments are formidable, and with the optional mission module loaded with weaponry, (or other mission specific equipment) it becomes a force to be reckoned in the alpha quadrant.

IMAGES: Scroll down to view holoimages of the vessel. Model notes follow below.


Model Details

The arrow head command hull was bashed from the bottom of a SW Imperial Cruiser, (notice the tip of the cruiser used as the undercarriage). I sheathed it in thin styrene to give it a smooth skin, and layered it with thicker layers of "armor". The nacelle pylons are scratch-built from sheet styrene, and the nacelles are modified Ent. "C" nacelles with the plasma grill removed and the bussards replaced with the end tips of two other nacelles. The weapons pod is a standard pod from a Runabout kit, set into indentations in the "armor" layer of the hull. The base color is Navy Aggressor Grey with lighter hand mixed Aztec highlights. Decals are from the decal box...and the lettering is Chartpak Presstype.