Have a comment? Like what you see? Feel free to send out a subspace communication. I've got a different address for mail from the site...just so I can track it more easily. Thanks for dropping by...stop by again, or visit a few other great sites for modeling and scratchbuilding Sci Fi.
Hailing Frequencies Open (e-mail)
Here are a few sites that provide me with inspiration. It was Markus' site that really got me into being brave enough to try kitbashing. I take constant inspiration from the work of 3D artists like Andrew Hodges, and from other inspired builders like Jeffrey Griffin, John Payne and a score of others...so there's plenty of beach...start surfin'
Starship Modeler.com - nice site for the Sci-Fi geek in all of us. Dedicated to SciFi...its the place to find some amazing modelers and ask questions in the forums.

Marcus C Nee - an inspired modeler who showed me you could use your imagination and make it real

John Payne - a fellow modeler who's kitbashed creations are remarkable.

Griffworks - a talented guy who features the works of other modelers on his site.

More to come...


Periodically, folks inquire as to whether I sell my creations. The answer is YES, sometimes. Not all of them are for sale, but I have begun letting some of them go, if only to open up display space. I'm just starting to mark the available classes, and price them accordingly. Pricing is based on the one-of -a-kind nature of the model, the materials and the time needed to create the ship. If you are interested in a ship that doesn't have a price listed, please use the link above to send me an e-mail. I will respond to your inquiry quickly.

(Be aware the when you buy a ship from me, you are buying only the phsyical model, not the rights to the design or a license for any photographic, or 3D modeling purposes. )