U.S.S. Rosa Parks
Advanced Tactical Deep Space Cruiser

The Rebel Class is a new breed of deep-space explorer. Designed from the input of the crew of the miraculously returned U.S.S. Voyager, and a deep analysis of its mission logs, this new class is a lean, tight cruiser is capable of long runs of sustained high warp with little wear and tear. Conceived as the "perfect ship" the crew wished they had on the long voyage from the Delta Quadrant, it was equipped with upgraded tactical weapons and Multi-phasic shields. Unfortunately, none of the future technology that arrived with Voyager was allowed to be installed on this prototype, or any other Federation vessel. (Note that the future ablative armor technology and transphasic torpedoes onboard Voyager were immediately quarantined by the Federation Temporal Commission upon arrival at McKinley Station.) The twin deflectors provide high accuracy and penetration as well as redundancy should one be damaged. The third is carried for stranded vessels, or as a deep back up should the whole primary system be damaged. The internal gelpack system has had multiple upgrades and back-ups installed and the nacelles are powered from two parallel warp cores at the center of each outrigger. While the Temporal Commission could protect the actual future technology until its actual creation, they could not stop speculation and conjecture. New armor designs were developed that doubled the integrity and strength of the ablative hull armor, and reduced armor loss under fire by more than that. But the more ingenious development was tactical. After analyzing the number of instances of attack by multiple enemy ships on the solitary Voyager, it was concluded that a ship out alone in deep space not only needed powerful weaponry, but some bodyguards. Starfleet Tactical developed the autonomous defense drones, similar to those found in the Nimbus classes tactical drones. When attacked by multiple, or overwhelming power, the 10 drones, launched from the ten hatches on the tops of the outriggers, protect the ship. Each drone is equipped with high-yield phasers and one quantum torpedo. Their only job is to occupy the enemy until the ship can either retreat safely or subdue the enemy. And each drone is designed to detonate itself if necessary, with a pulse that designed to disable every conceivable energy system in the vicinity, leaving the enemy incapacitated but alive.

As a result, this class is well designed for search and rescue missions, mapping and re con missions and even heavy combat if necessary. The U.S.S. Rosa Parks is dedicated to protecting the Federation and defending liberty.

IMAGES: Scroll down to view holoimages of the vessel. Model notes follow below.
Model Details:

This project has become one of my favorites. I had always wanting to figure out a way to take the command hull of an "E" and blend it into an outrigger configuration. But everything I had tried up until recently had sucked. Nothing I found worked together, until I got a 2001: Orion Passenger Liner. I figured out the proper angles and curves of the cut I needed to put in each half of the long body of the Liner. I cut one just about in half, with the proper curve to create the warp scope in the aft of the command hull. Then I cut the mirror image of it in the other half. The back halves, which once formed, the engine became the underbelly of the command hull and the twin deflector dishes. I built a support for them and laid them side by side, then sealed them down the middle with layers of styrene "plating". That went on the bottom of an "E" disk and was sealed up in back with styrene cut and layered to create a shuttlebay. The bottom of the disk and the top of the disk are separated by a very thick sheet of styrene cut out in profile including the shape of the outriggers.

The other two Orion halves were separated and laid on top of the command. They were lined up to the "E" hull and modified to fit the detail and profiles of the hull and blend into it. I sealed the open sides with thinner styrene and added phaser strips and plating as needed to hide seams and misdirect the eye. The whole thing was blended with greebles and plating back to the strut and the second underslung shuttle bay under the bridge between the two nacelles. The whole bridge unit is built from a piece of fat sheet styrene, half of a SW droid and STAP kit on the bottom and the top of a Droid fighter on top. E struts were modified to match the angle of the new outriggers and filed to get the right angle and fit to form the nacelle struts of this ship. The nacelles came from a cannibalized large Voyager kit, and needed to be a little refurbished.

The color scheme is a base of flat light aircraft gray with aztecing in lightened gloss gull gray, and the accent is Light gray with similar aztecing. The decals are from a Thomas models "E" sheet, and misc. decals from the extras box. This is has become one of my favorite bashes to date. I hope you enjoy it too.

Happy modeling everyone