Massive even by Romulan standards, the T'Rajan Class Capital Cruiser is a testament to the ego of the Romulan Praetor. Nearly twice the size of a Warbird, this Imperial behemoth was built as a response to the threat of the Dominion. This ship is capable of carrying nearly 4000 personnel, housed in the huge command hull and the towering fins that rise from the back. Armed to the teeth with multiple disruptor cannons capable of laying waste to a planet, and multiple torpedo bays designed to launch powerful trilithium-based torpedoes, this ship is a destructive force unrivaled in the empire.

The two powerful warp impellers, powered by two distinct and independent artificial quantum singularities, can propel the huge vessel at speeds of up to warp 9 for extended periods. It's cloaking systems, while based on traditional technologies, have been updated and installed in redundant, yet cumulative configurations that amplify the output of the cloaking emitters. These innovative configurations allow a vessel of this size to be almost completely hidden from sensors, even while traveling at high warp. And its defensive systems have been reengineered to allow the ship to have its defensive shields up, even under cloak - a development that has attracted the attention of Starfleet strategists.

IMAGES: Scroll down to view holoimages of the vessel. Model notes follow below.


Model Notes:

This is my first Romulan kitbash, and took around five months to complete. The Command hull is built from the blade of a Star Wars Federation Tank, halved, reduced in width and placed bottom to bottom. The bottom of a Warbird command hull forms the beak, and two top necks from the Warbird kits form the side connecting necks. The main upper neck connecting the command hull to the engineering section is part of a Star Wars Slave One. The main engineering section is fashioned from two Warbird top wing segments split in half, with scratchbuilt hollow-core center sections built to widen the span of the wings. The habitat fins are also hollow-core pieces, scratchbuilt from styrene. The two Warp impellers are segments taken from a Defiant kit, and the matter collectors are the engines from a Star Wars Battle Droid kit. The surface detailing is a combination of greeblie parts taken from my parts box, and thin sheet styrene cut to form the feather detailing. The paint scheme is Testors Green Metal Flake layered over a brighter yellow green, with varying shades of green aztecing. The detail areas are brass with a brass and gold mix aztecing color. The decals were from a great decal sheet from Thomas Models.

Happy modeling everyone