Being a loose confederacy of thieves and pirates, The Orion Syndicate has been the scourge of the Alpha quadrant for nearly two centuries. One of the most threatening vessels in the ranks of the Syndicate is the massive Raider. Armed to the teeth, this ship is designed for ambush and attack of freighters and cargo ships and offensive strikes into Federation shipyards. Capable of taking on most other ships even when outnumbered, the Raider a true threat to Federation commerce.

The central core and Command Spearhead are surrounded by a trio of massive cargo arm/engine blocks. The three massive arms arc out over the core column like a scorpion tail. At the tip of the arm is a wide cargo bay designed for recovery of commandeered ships and cargo. Each arm sports a powerful tractor emitter on one side and a large dual plasma cannon configuration on the other side. At the aft end of the arm is one of the three engine blocks. The three warp blocks taper down to three glowing warp plasma bubbles, and terminate in three aft-mounted plasma cannons nestled between the Impulse Engine triad. Each bubble is a plasma resonator that cascades, along with the other two resonators. Two bubbles are always in phase simulltatiously cascading around the block. The result is a mesmerizing spinning lightshow. Between each of the warp engine blocks is a two pronged matter collector the feeds the Warp block reactors. On either side of each engine block spines are two grey shield emitters that generate powerful nested multiphasic shields. These emitters work in tandem with the massive emitters on three sides of the conical Command Spearhead. Heavy polarized armor plating protects the Raider should the shields fail.

The Command Spearhead is ringed with heavy armor as well, and three more fore-mounted plasma cannons. A triad of navigational deflectors forms the tip of the Spearhead and one last massive cannon reaches from the tip. This weapons configuration can create a devastating tunnel of plasma cannon fire, a bombardment that few vessels shields can stand up to more than a few short minutes. Truly a terrifying sight on the sensors of a freighter carrying anything of value.

IMAGES: Scroll down to view holoimages of the vessel. Model notes follow below.


Model Notes:

This Raider is one of my favorite kinds of bashes; a ship made out of tons of tough-to-use, garbage box materials. Three main sections of the Star Wars Federation Tanks, modified to remove the weapons turrets and blend the joints of the three identical sections, are assembled in triangular formation. A triangular, thick piece of styrene acts as a center support to hold the three arm/blocks in place and form a floor for the core column to attach to. Miscellaneous greeblies and cannon parts were used to create the transitional spaces between the three arm/blocks, creating the matter collectors and weapons. Each of the arm tips was modified to created the cargo door arch, and to add weapons and a weapon armor shield. Inside of the arms, in the triangular center of the trio, a large greeblie piece from a Star Wars kit blends the block in to the center core. Sets of three identical greeblies for vents and other details ring the central floor. The central column is from the B5 kit, greebled with tons of extra parts. It's attached to the scratchbuilt Command Spearhead and has three struts from a "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" Flying Sub, stabilizing it. The dome base is from a Perry Rhodan Space Ship Sol kit. The cone is scratchbuilt from flexed styrene, about .30 thick, with greebles for the B5 kit and ribbed styrene that forms the shield emitters. Three of the vent tubes that come with the SW Tank form the triad of deflectors at the tip. The deflector crystals are rhinestones from some other project (the starfield wall treatment in my studio).

The paint scheme started with basecoating the ship a sand- colored paint, then a Metallic Burgundy. A slightly redder shade was used for the aztecing, and a flat rust was used as an accent color. Metallic Jet Exhaust was used for the ribbed and gridded shield emitters, with Steel for the grid lines. The engine plasma bubbles are Metallic Stoplight Yellow, layered on over and over again,( with seven layers of glittering orange paint) creating really nice life and depth. Gunship Grey was used for the Cargo Arm armatures, and flat black was used as an accent, and to age the ship...with exhaust markings around vents, and weapons damage on the outer surface of the ship. It was sealed with a semigloss...and hangs so that one arm is at the top, in classic Raiding posture. A great result from a box of leftovers.

Happy modeling everyone