KhO'BRaH Class
Klingon Scout Vessel
Klingon Rouge House LeS'TaHT

A vessel of the outlaw house of LeS'TaHT, this class is a hybrid of vessels taken from other houses in battle. Cannibalizing the most advanced components from the salvaged ships, the talented engineers of the dishonored house have cobbled together a fast, well-armed scout vessel. Two-thirds the size of a Vor'Cha Class Cruiser, the KhO'BraH class is lean and heavily armored. The massive disruptor cannons on top of the dorsal strut are supplemented by fore and aft torpedo launchers and additional fore and aft disrupters. The supplemental impulse engine on the strut allows the ship to maneuver quickly at impulse speeds, making it a nimble predator. Little more information exists on this renegade house and its armada.

IMAGES: Scroll down to view holoimages of the vessel. Model notes follow below.


Model Notes:
This bash starts with the command bulb constructed from two tank hatches from the SW Fed Trade Tank. They were glued back to back and modified to create the front trench and then sealed and armored along the sides and top with sheet styrene. The bulb attaches to the neck and body of a Vor'Cha kit. The wings of a Bird of Prey kit make up the nacelle struts and are blended to the Vor'Cha body with greebles and parts from the extras box. On the ventral side, I attached a small snap-together Federation Tank Transporter to act as ventral fin. Then I created the supplemental support struts along the neck from a couple thicknesses of round tubing.

The dorsal strut that stretches across the width of the wingspan and connects to the ends of the wings and the aft tower of the Vor'Cha body was crafted from layers of sheet styrene and lots of greebles. I added an impulse engine from the Vor'Cha kit and then a couple of cannons from some kit or other. The nacelles start with a halved backpack from a STAP droid kit. I blended some misc. stuff, like parts of the droid legs and other greebles to help blend the pack back parts to the tail ends of two Ent "E" nacelles. Those sections are detailed with half of a Fed Tank cannon each.

Happy modeling everyone